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Differences in the different kinds of species available for hardwood molding


Most of the moldings are made from straight forward (finger joint) pine, the one who appreciate something more LINAZUL is pleased to offer hardwood moldings. In particular two kinds of species are best suitable; Angelim Pedra (sapupira) and the Cambara.  Color wise they’re almost the same, however, the Angelim Pedra’s structure is much rougher and its texture are also rougher compared to the Cambara. Smooth planed angelim is therefore a hard job, and for this reason we advise Cambara. 


There is another known hardwood specie on the market which is also very similar in respect of color: meranti. Please take a close look at the following picture:

There is only a slight difference in color, texture is also almost the same and the ability to be painted and smoothened are also almost the same. The are two big differences however:

·          Cambara is much easier to deliver

·          Cambara is much cheaper and with LINAZUL in any size!




LINAZUL offers both Angelim Pedra and Cambara, but considering the qualities together with availability and price, we definitely prefer the Cambara.




angelim pedra

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