Hardwood for the price of Softwood thru fully owned proper production




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In case of a pricelist click or a quotation send us an email at and please do not forget to inform us about:

        Your company


        Which specie(s)

        Which kind of schedule

        Type of (potential) relationship (agent, customer, franchise etc.)

        Which country

        Your expectations in general



The requests can be sent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and German, however, we will always reply in English.



Questions about environmental and social issues are welcome at Please specify your question clearly together with your aim.

Questions about agencies are welcome at Emails without the enrolled agent pre selection form will no be responded.

Questions about jobs and working, being a trainee are welcome at Applications without your CV and specification of your expectations and a clear affinity are not responded.



Questions about delivery times are as agreed upon in the order, and alterations will be communicated in advance to the customers. Request for alterations from the side of the client are welcome at For more information about delivery times and flexibility, please check the section on our Frequent Asked Question site.



You can also contact us directly by telephone at:

Customer support: +55 21 9232.9260 (Rio de Janeiro) / +55 13 9148.1554 (Santos) / +55 66 9602.6393

please note that Brazil is 4 hours before GMT.

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